Fast forward two years – I’m a mummy!


Once again my writing brain has kicked in during those early hours of the morning, that time just before the sun rises. I seem to find 4am my most creative time to write. Sleep must allow my subconscious to just come to the surface as I wake and then fill me with inspiration before the hustle and bustle of the day kicks in and my mind space gets filled. I usually lie in bed and type away on my phone in darkness while the world around me sleeps. I find I can get my thoughts out quicker with my fingers and thumbs on a keypad than the process of trying to co-ordinate my hand to write with a pen, so technology has provided an almost perfect solution to my previously dyslexic challenge of writing (I too get writers cramp in my thumbs). 

So I find myself inspired, lying in bed writing, only this time, I am lying here curled up next to my darling baby girl. How life has changed.

When I first started this blog, I was in a place of improvement and thought a blog would be great a platform to share my experiences of transforming my health. After feeling so crap and ill for years, my reasons were threefold; 1) I wanted to inspire others 2) to try and help those around me understand a little more about how I feel and why I’ve evolved my lifestyle so much and 3) to help myself learn and grow. 

I didn’t get too far in my writing though. Life got busy. But I started and that’s what counts. In my last post I set about sharing how crap I’d been feeling for some time, my symptoms, my frustrations, lack of support from Drs and left you at the point of explaining that enough was enough and it was time to try and figure this all out myself, what was wrong with me? I had only got as far as sharing with you the part of the journey of ill health, taking us up to summer 2015, at which point I still had no idea. 

It’s now been two years since then and what a journey. I have so much to share with you – two rollercoaster years to fill you in on.

Life feels great at the moment!! Perhaps this is why I find I am inspired to start writing again.  I can look back with a clearer head and a greater understanding in order to process what has happened and be able to express it? 

I am a mummy now! My little girl is now 6 months old and is teaching me so much. Life is so magical.

OK, two years hey… Well, in a nutshell since I left you, I found an amazing holistic therapist who through applied kinesiology and an understanding of holistic health and nutrition, I worked together with to gain an understanding of how my body was behaving. I supported my healing with dietary changes and supplements, further read and researched about health and nutrition, worked on my posture and the physical impact it had on my health, practiced yoga and learnt to slow things down. I started to heal my body, a slow and continuing process even now, and eventually began to feel better. I never reached any perfect state of health, nor had any overnight miracle, but as time went on I was in a more functioning state I’d say. Not without its ups and downs but slowly upward over all. I then embarked on a whole new journey of creating another human. My mind, body and soul went through a whole array of physical and emotional feelings, as I grew, birthed and now nurture our precious daughter. 

There is too much of this journey to talk about in one post, so over time I will break down this journey and share it with you in more detail (and hopefully get some sleep in too in those early hours between writing and feeding, to ensure I keep rested and forever healing).

It is amazing to be feeling so well, inspired and happy again for the first time in quite a while, and for that I am truly grateful and hope I can keep this up and help you and others feel this way in your time of need. And moving forward I’ll be sharing my experiences of my love of food, still dairy, yeast, gluten and sugar free, and how and why I plan to incorporate this into the whole baby weaning process as well!

So, until the next early morning awaking of inspiration to write again, thanks for reading, keep smiling and I’ll be back to share more soon. 
Nicola x